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My Fiance of 7 Years is Getting Married on Saturday and I am Not the Bride

Dear GG,

I need your help, I am confused and don’t Know what to do. I have been dating my boyfriend for 7 years now, we met in my final year in the university. In the 2nd year of our relationship, he proposed and i said yes because I wanted to be his wife and I am in love with him. He kept promising that we would have the wedding soon and I should reason with him as he build himself financially.  I was very supportive of his dreams, hoping and praying that everything will be ok. Did I tell you that each time I got pregnant, he would ask me to have an abortion because he wasnt ready. In total, I have had nine abortions for him and I am so scared. On thursday as usual, I went to his house to spend the weekend with him. He told me that he was travelling for work and he was living me in the house, it was not the first time that he was doing this. While cleaning his house, I don’t know what made me go to hs drawer with his documents. I saw a traditional wedding invitation of my man with a strange woman. I am not the bride. I have been shaking since I saw the wedding invitation, his work trip is in the village to traditionally get married. The worst part is that he has been pretending to me that he is struggling financially and I have been dividing my salary into two for him. I saw documents of lands and houses that pay him rent. GG what do I do, I am confused, after all I have done for this man. After how much I have suffered with him and aborted for him. Another woman is about to eat my sweat. I haven’t confronted him about what I found because I am confused. I am so angry that I feel like poisoning all the food that I cooked and put in the fridge. 7 years of my life gone, where do I start from? GG please help me.

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